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"Ryen and her cohorts give imagery to Jess's ordeal without judgments. The pictures tell the thousand words of an inescapable reality in the life of one young woman...a young woman who may be as depleted in spirit as is her supply of marijuana.

There may be an inclination to find humor in Jess's desperate effort to scrape enough roaches together to roll a joint, but there is an overriding impulse to empathize with her life's dilemma. It's this balance of emotion combined with raw realism that makes CASHED such a fine and compelling film."

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"Notwithstanding the film’s title, don’t categorize CASHED as just another stoner-comedy. At its heart, the  film explores the deeper question of what drives us to 'take the edge off' when we feel mentally and emotionally depleted – whether in the form of a glass (or bottle) of wine as soon as we hit the door at night, binging on chips or Netflix or, in the case of the film’s female anti-hero, cannabis.
Oh, and one more sign that the film is not only well-acted, smartly conceived and effectively executed, the title is an ingratiating example of word play. It not only signifies a pot bowl that has been completely exhausted, it is used in street vernacular to refer to the larger state of being emotionally depleted, bitch."

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"As addiction portrayals go, ["CASHED"] is quite effective, because it’s clear that the pot is the problem, and it’s also clear that she is the problem, and the two have a symbiotic relationship. When you know you’re fucked up and making fucked up choices, that becomes one more excuse to stick with your vice–if you’re a fucked up person, you’re still going to be fucked up without the pot, so the pot isn’t the problem, so why give it up? Dope fiend logic is the best, you guys.

This 10-odd minute film does its job beautifully–opens a door, invites us to peer in, leaves us asking a bunch of questions and wanting them answered. Serena Ryen is hilarious, tragic, and just freaking mesmerizing — a bleary-eyed, kinda gross Disney princess — and you can’t help but want to spend more time with her. If you were to consider this a slice, CASHED feels like the first, not final, ten minutes of a film, and it’s a ride you’d happily take."

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